AHhaa! The Light Bulb Moment

AHhaa!!! The Light Bulb Moment

So to follow the cnc blog I thought I would help out with a speed converter table on the Makita router. My issue was between the switch on the router and how fast the router spins in relation to what setting the switch is set at on the variable speed switch on the router body.

So why is this important to know? Well when you need to calculate speeds and feeds and chip loads for cncing,  its important, as I found out to know this as if you have things set too high you break bits, damage collets and generally makes using a cnc not fun at all and more of a frustrating experience. Now how I found out was by happenstance when I was going through a setup with the supplier of my cnc BlueCarve Cnc. Adam was awesome and we were able to figure out at the last minute that my router was turned up way too high on the variable speed.

Once this was corrected I was able to immediately start carving at a basic level. As with all woodworking techniques, it takes time to learn the cnc and I am definitely at the learning as I go stage. However, having the router set to the correct speed allows me to enjoy the learning process.

So after a little research, I found on the inventable site this chart

https://discuss.inventables.com/t/makita-rt0700c-variable-speed-chart/30922 is the link that I found it on inventables site.

I hope this article has helped with some basics that I have been stuck on as if we share the information we find then we can make doing things easier and more enjoyable.

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