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Hi guys this blog is about the kreg micro pocket hole jig. The reason behind this review is the idea that I have not seen any reviews on this system itself. Certainly, you can find the reviews on things like the k3, k4, and k5 systems. I think that is because the micro system is a little too old for the current reviewers to think the micro jig system to be relevant. However, at perfectly reasonable necessities we are all about any and all products that we find a use for and that can be used in providing choices. The thing about the micro jig system is that it’s really really affordable for the beginner woodworker. It allows for fast achievable joints so someone can start their journey on wood working as soon as they can get the jig and the stock to make that “thing” they are all hyped about.

The jig looks like this:

So the Micro jig comes with the jig, the drill bit that is stepped to create both a predrill hole and the starter hole for the screw and an Allan key and an aluminium stop collar for the drill bit. I think that it is going to be better to show you a picture of how it works, rather than trying to explain it.

Now as you can see you can actually just use this jig as is clamped to the stock(piece of wood). However, there is an easier way as adjusting the depth is easier for the Micro system with the use of a portable drilling guide and this allows you to set the collar on the drill bit for the thickness of the stock you are using on the project. The portable drill guide below shows how kreg have set it up.

So from these you can see how incredibly simple these are to use. The main feature of this is the way it is clamped to the project, this important is situations where you have forgotten to place a hole on a part that is already installed and you can get away with placing it quickly and easily. The screws are also specific to the Micro pocket hole jig, as the jig and pocket hole drill bit are 25% approx. smaller than the k4 or k5 systems. For what the screws look like take a look at the picture below. These are usually used in soft woods or mdf. They are driven with a number 2 square driver bit.

Also we need to consider if we need to use glues to help with the durability of the joint. As far as I am concerned I will always use glue when using mechanical fasteners in joinery. This isby no means anything to do with Kregs system, because the system on its own creates incredibly strong joints, but I am old fashion and I will use glue always just because I want to feel like a wood worker!!


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