Australian wood species

Hi guys and gals,
I just wanted to drop in a small article on Australian wood species. I have found that most of the YouTube groups deal with american species of timber which are incredible I must admit. I really like them but few have done anything on Australian timber species.

I have done a little digging and found this:

This is a great start to finding the Australian timbers. It has their botanical names, pictures and their trading names as well. It also has usable information as well like its grain type, weather or not it can be steam bent, and so on.

Also, I wonder if we could create a centralised catalogue of timber merchants in each for Brisbane, now wouldn't that be interesting?

The main problem is that most timber places are word by mouth and their exposure isn't that great and we seem to accumulate the information and then sit on it and find out about this stuff from older woodworkers and no one is writing about it, hmmm....... could be an addition to this article so watch this space ladies and gentlemen. Also make spaces in Brisbane seem to be a hidden aspect as well. Also, why is it that these places that are instrumental in allowing people to learn new skills and become either makers or be inspired to take on new skills not encouraged?

Well, I think I have a new goal to try and blog about these items and see what I can come up with to help people find places that allow people to come together to learn and create and make and just become more practical.


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