A few hand made items I have done in the past

Hi everyone, here are a few of the items I have made from wood. I thought I would share how all of these were constructed.

I have made these using pocket hole joinery. I know the pocket hole and joinery are not necessarily the dream target for most woodworkers, but for a under tooled and time poor workshop owner like myself pocket holes allow you to still achieve a result and not need a great deal of tools to get what you need completed.

Also, I do not have a workshop so all of my work needs to be done outside with few tools. With no workshop to hold everything I have had to be resourceful  and use tools that are light and easy to store. This also explains the use of store bought materials rather than milling it myself.  Having said that, I still really enjoy making things that have a use and it also gives me a great sense of achievement. I hope you like them ...... and excuse the mistakes.

this is a laurndry table made from pine bought through a big box hardware store. I hande made clamps to help glue the top together and used a router to bevel the bottom edge of the table top.
This was made from pine ,mdf and cork tiles. the frame was connected with pocket holes.
This is made from tasmanian oak and again it was pre milled. the box is connected using pocket hole screws and has a floating lid.
This storage chest was connected using pocket hole joinery.

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