So, why are we here? It's to try and provide some awesome information so you can educate yourself on the next purchase you make. The information we will provide will be general in nature and is designed to help you further your understanding about what you are buying.

What I see in most situations is that most people can make an informed decision on what they want/need but are often apprehensive to take that step because they do not have all the really important information.

The information provided here will be focused around features we find on products and some of the benefits we see and that we like and maybe these  could also benefit you to.

The reviews will extent to anything we have found a need for, that could help solve a problem around the house or just in day to day product usage in general, and yep!! we will be selling the items as well in one form or another. The forms of selling will either be actual products that we have or through Affiliate links that help us at perfectly reasonable necessities make content through earning commissions.

We also want a portion of hand made items as well and we will from time to time be making some items that will be sold locally and open some opportunities, but more on this later.

All in all we are here to help provide a little more punch to your research and show you some of the info you are looking for in a one stop shop style format that we hope you'll like.

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    1. Hi I am very pleased you liked the content, and you are correct there is a lot of effort that goes into do this but I do enjoy it

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